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cinosa60 karma

Los Angeles to London - $329 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Barcelona - $303 roundtrip

Chicago to Paris - $278 roundtrip

Chicago to Buenos Aires - $378 roundtrip

Jesus H Christ, I can't even fly from the east coast of Canada to the middle of the country for those prices! Certainly not all the way to the other coast. We're getting horribly ripped off :(

cinosa10 karma

I spent some time in E-town, and flights back east to Cape Breton (in 2012/2013) were fluctuating between $750 return to over $1200 return. I just checked flights for December, and they're actually under $1000 return now, which is a nice sign, but still too expensive compared to what you described.

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Oh yeah, I'm not surprised there. Both AC and WJ bend us over pretty badly.