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cinkodel16 karma

This is awsome!

I designed an entire roll playing game very similar to D&D but does not require or use miniatures and is more story based, designed specifically for players that had limited or no real history with D&D. I created an entire new rule book and leveling chart as well as different stats, combat, magic, prayers, classes etc. Then created a huge map and started adding towns and quest ideas... It stayed dormant for a while as I had no one that I thought would be ever interested in playing or even talking about it with my friends and family... so it just stayed in my computer...

Then one day I had some of my family over after not seeing siblings and cousins for years and one of them said almost jokingly "I know this may be lame.. but would any of you ever want to play a d&d game or something?"

After I watched a couple people respond "oh I would love to but have never played" i took the opportunity and jumped in and told them what i had been working on secretly for years...

Turns out not only they were interested, but several of their coworkers were ecstatic at the idea of joining and when I sent them character cards and the rule book they immediately filled it out and started sending me their schedules they were open to play.

2 years later and many quest and sessons done... it is without a doubt the most fun we have had together and the closest we have all been in years.

There really is something special about being part of a story together and letting you work out your thoughts and decisions behind a character that you could not otherwise express.

If anyone ever allows you to record a sesson (preferably mock, as not to open to much up about their personal life journey and struggles) I would love to see how it plays out.

Good luck either way in your endeavours!