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20 pairs of shoes and five handbags :)

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Yes, I'm a feminist. (And so is my husband!) I was raised by a strong mother, a strong stepmother, and a lot of good men in our corner. I don't think there's anything radical or extreme about feminism; to me it means just that women and men should have equal opportunity, which frankly I think is common sense.

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I have taken a solemn vow not to tell tales out of school, but i will tell you that our entertainment director says that her job description is "negotiating with terrorists"

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I think for Glamour, the future will be both print and digital. Women still love print for lots of reasons--it's tangible, beautiful, luxurious. But of course our lives are digital now and that means that the future of Glamour will be about mobile, video and a million things we haven't thought of yet. For many magazines, the future may be wholly digital. And as for monetization--many advertisers are intensely interested in video and mobile. Right now the focus for us is on connecting with viewers and continuing to build audience.

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I don't think journalism school is a must, though it can be terrific. you definitely need a familiarity with tech, though to be an editor you don't need to know how to code (at this point!). But make sure you incorporate people in STEM into your network as you enter the job market--you don't want to close yourself off, and you'll get a million good ideas.