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What are 5 foods everyone should add to their diet?

What are 5 foods everyone should drop/avoid in their diet?

I've recently incorporated more Olive Oil, and dropped Ketchup with High Fructose Corn Syrup for example.

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Do you have any knowledge around the poor quality of many fish oil supplements? I've been reading about how most of the liquid is dangerously oxidized when it reaches the consumer and manufactured to meet the bare minimum quality standards, hence 1000MG Fish oil only containing 18/12 ratio of 180MG EPA / 120MG DHA :



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Thanks for the link. Not being vegetarian, at .50 a pill it makes sense for me to just buy salmon.

"a 6 oz. portion of wild salmon contains 883 mg of EPA and 1,111 mg of DHA", not including Vit D and the other basic nutrients in it.