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Does the operation change your hormone prescription? For example, would you now take less of it since you no longer have to combat testosterone? Do they require you to be on hormone replacement therapy to have the operation? What is the recovery like?

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Thanks! I knew about the anti-androgen, but totally forgot until it was mentioned.

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I've had many times when reality checks failed on me and you just keep dreaming like normal. I even watched the number of toes I had change repeatedly, freaked out about it, and didn't realize I was dreaming.

Oh, and if you're prone to derealization, lucid dreaming may be a bad idea. It definitely CAN cause you to be unaware if you're in reality. People do some things in dreams that are dangerous in real life, not reccomended.

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Do you sometimes lucid dream on accident? Do you remember your first lucid dream? Also, can a lucid dream get cut off by the natural end of the REM cycle?