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I worked in customer service at bby for 4 years and every 3 month they were changing the policy on junk outs making what you're describing less and less possible.

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You're lucky, then, because I got yelled at about 3 times daily because someone came in with a computer issue and the sales person had fed them some nonsense about how GSP will cover anything, no problem, you just get a replacement!

Never mind that this is not at all how it works. But the managers were happy because the attach rate was good, and I was the one getting yelled at, so why should they care?

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Unlikely. It's been a year since I worked there, but I'm pretty sure Geek Squad city would have plenty of refurbished models of your generation which is what you would get, after yours gets sent out and evaluated for whether or not it was accidental damage and if it could be repaired

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I can't speak Finnish, but I write pretty well. Do you wanna sponsor a visa and give me a job?