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Hey, thanks for doing this AMA. Q's:

1) What got you guys to apply for this MacArthur grant? What was the call like when you found out you were in the running, did you feel like geniuses?

2) What do you think your chances are of actually winning? And how is yours that different from another one that also aims to cure blindness in Nigeria?

3) How do you know this solution will actually work? What if it doesn't?

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Hi all, quick question for you. How do you see the future of literature and music changing in Cuba with the new change in US-Cuba relations?

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Hey guys, thanks for hopping on here and congrats on being in the running for $100 million. A couple of questions:

1) What if your solution doesn't succeed? Is there a condition that you have to produce results with the money?

2) How do you know the science behind your proposal works? Can you provide us with a few specifics?

3) What happens if you don't win, how will you achieve your goals?

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What do you see in the future of investigative journalism, particularly in the face of the economics of the news industry?

chumbawumba722 karma

1) What inspired this idea of yours? Why Nigeria?

2) Did you apply for any other challenges?

3) What do you think your chances are of actually winning?