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SUSPICIOUS? What to do… • Never attempt to intervene or take the victim out of the situation by force! • Call 911 and tell the dispatcher you are reporting suspected human trafficking of a child. • Become a good witness, look at details, colors, vehicle descriptions, direction of travel, hotel room numbers, etc. • If possible, use your cell phone to take very discreet photos. • After you report to the police, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline at 1-888-373-7888; OR Text details to BEFREE (233733)

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Joint investigations are the only way to address the criminal. You have to share the load between different experts. Afterwards you need to detox. Have friends, or even a counselor you can talk too.

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THE ABC’S OF COMMERICAL CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING -AWARENESS • Clothing maybe too sexual, wrong size, not appropriate for the weather or place they are, or less expensive than the persons they are with. • They have very few personal items. • May be in possession of multiple hotel room keys; & prepaid credit cards • Victims may have “Branding” tattoos. • Signs of poor hygiene, may look sick, use makeup to cover injuries. BEHAVIOR • Victims maybe under the influence of drugs or alcohol. • May be disoriented or confused, fearful, timid, or submissive. • No eye contact, looking at their feet or back to another person. • Unease where there is visible security or law enforcement. • May become verbally vulgar when challenged by an authority figure (watch for fight, flight, & freeze). COMMUNICATION • Often victims can’t provide details about where they came from or where they are going. • Their answers appear rehearsed, and they will become nervous or angry if pressed for details. • They appear to look to a companion for answers & they seem to be under that person’s control, they may be closely watched, or followed.

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Drug and sex trafficking go hand and hand. Traffickers use drug addiction as a way to control victims. Traffickers will sell the drugs, and when they have no more drug product, they will sell a child, over and over.

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Backpage was not blocked. The internet site was receiving billions from users posting ads selling women and children for sex under their "adult services section". When the executives received pressure from congress and law enforcement, they shut down their "adult services section" and plastered "censorship" on the section. Than they moved all the ads to the "dating section". It's a shell game. There are dozens of websites that sell women and children for sex. Shut down one and another pops up, just like the old game of whack a mole, but if one child is saved than ever effort is worth it , because what if the child saved was your child? Would it be censorship if someone you loved was being sold?