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She's stating that she is an American. We do not do that here.

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Well, instead of being inflammatory, why dont you ask her how she feels about the hijab removal as part of assimilating to western culture?

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No, im honestly curious as well. A hijab was mandated by law in most muslim middle eastern countries. No need for it here. Why still wear it? It seems like it would be a reminder of being oppressed. But i dont think she is going to respond to you just be a blatant little shit. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Youre not gonna win many people over being a dick, champ.

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How do you feel about sharkbite compression fittings? Do you think they are a gimmick or the real deal?

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Isnt their legal system based of their religion (sharia law)? If not, it basically is an unwritten law for women only.