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This question may have already been addressed, so sorry about that. I have 5 dogs, and I vacuum A LOT. Because of that I’ve been through one Shark vacuum (was a few years old and got a bit worn out), a Dyson Ball vacuum (dog at the cord) and am currently using another Dyson Ball.

What would you say the best and most durable vacuum for pet hair is? I have couches which are the standard cloth like material that have covers of the same material, and the floors are all wood or tile.

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I’ll look into those, thank you.

Any recommendations on a good vacuum to remove pet hair from cloth car seats? (Sorry for the 2 parter).

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I think a lot of HR professionals and hiring managers filter out qualified resumes of candidates who are beyond a certain distance from an employer, is that something you can confirm?

If it is true, what can a candidate do to communicate that relocating won’t be an issue?

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Good point. This time we got lucky because the store we purchased from allowed for an exchange. But in the future repair will definitely be a better course of action as I doubt they will allow for another. Don’t know why I didn’t consider having the cord repaired though haha.

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What is the most popular title in collegiate esports today, and how many titles should a student esports athlete expect to be proficient in, in order to compete?