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that's why it's shaved

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Oh. My. God. I read those books SO MUCH whenever I was younger! Holy crap!

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Meh, I liked the books. People say they were crap, but they weren't really meant to be thought-provoking. Just nice fluffy nothingness, with the things some people like to imagine in it.

I don't think I would ever choose them over other books I liked if I was in a thoughtful mood, but whenever I'm just lighthearted and not thinking of much else, Twilight all the way. I like to think of that being their purpose, kind of like the Ramen noodles of books; made for the lazy, but still fulfilling in it's own way.

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ITT: people downvoting comments about Twilight.

Seriously though, since I've only really heard of Twilight out of those movies (I'm a bit of a shut in), I would just like to say that you're role of Mike was spot-on with him in the books.

Keep doing what you're doing! One day, hopefully I'll see you in a movie and think 'Oh, so THAT'S him these days'.

Have a good day!

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I’ve had the same experience. I think because many people misunderstand “toxic masculinity”, even though it’s exactly the same as this “man box” OP is describing. They hear “toxic” and “masculinity” and think you’re calling all men toxic or something, which is obviously not the case. I’m glad this was able to be described in a simpler and more straightforward way for people to finally heed, understand, and agree with the very important message!