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Classic Cheryl/Carol

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To be fair, most people in general aren't known for independent thinking. Open mindedness is also iffy when something contradicts someone's worldview.

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So a Biology undergrad from most places would serve her fine, with the big thing being getting into one of those organizations after she earned that degree, then going back to school again, right?

I appreciate the response! You hold a lot more credibility than me or our parents, though we have been trying to tell her the same thing!

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My sister is incredibly interested in Marine Biology, specifically starfish. She suffers from a lack of clear direction though, and seems more interested in living a certain life than in making the hard choices necessary to get into the field.

So what kind of education could she begin pursuing to get to a point where she actually gets to work with the animals, study them in their natural habitat, etc? Does she need a Marine Biology undergrad degree, or could she get a Biology undergrad and move on to a Marine Biology master's? Does she need to get her degrees from more "prestigious" schools, or could she get into the industry by attending cheaper schools that offer these programs but aren't as well known in the industry?

Basically: what is the path of least resistance that she could realistically take to get to the point where she's working with some entity to go study marine life in the field? I'd love to send her some ideas that an actual researcher in her desired field believe are realistic for her to achieve her dreams and stop spinning her wheels.

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I actually have a couple of questions with clarifying questions I guess:

How does composing for an animated series compare to composing for a live action one? Do you find one easier or more difficult? More or less fun? Do you have more creative freedom in one vs the other? Basically: what are the differences and your thoughts on those differences?

What is the general process you (or the industry in general) use to compose music for these shows? Do the producers send you snippets of the show with criteria they want from you, do you and the producers sit down and watch raw footage to get an idea of the music you want to create for those scenes, do you get a general idea and come up with a few options for the directors/producers to choose from? Basically: how do you go from nothing to a full musical score for an episode/series?