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Buy a paintball gun

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What is to stop people from fucking with the visually impaired person? I am worried that some shithead kid/prankster volunteers and causes a lot of damage to them...

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Read somewhere that there used to be one or more mental hospitals near Skid Row. It closed down, and all of its patients basically became the homeless population. As a resident, I see a lot of homeless that are suffering from a mental health problem, and that is what keeps them chronically homeless.

How do you address something like that? Where re-integration would involve extensive mental health and drug treatment. And even then, with mental health problems like schizophrenia, these people probably wouldn't be able to hold down jobs, and need continuing mental health care. Are there any plans for hospice like treatment, where the community supports these people and pays for their stay? Or are they mostly ignored over people who have a better chance of being rehabilitated?

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How do you feel about giving Lara some 'sexier' outfits in the new tomb raider?