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How often do you work across podcasts together as producers, it must be hard to battle creative drain working on episodic content under one theme, does collaboration help that?

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I would pay to hear a Nate (/u/thememorypalace) Vs. Roman (/u/romanmars) Lull off, they both have such soothing voices

EDIT: Only if you get /u/dearestscooter from SleepWithMe involved

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I'm that listener completely. No Podcast == No sleep these days

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Have you ever tried developing a game completely on your own? If so, do you have any tips on decreasing workload, currently devving my first game in python: http://chromebookbob.github.io/Nebulaic-Toaster-Kivy/ and would be grateful for some hints

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Get an all-star radiotopia cast for a Truth christmas special?