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Good on ya, a great experience!

Bear I read you mentioned. What other fauna did you see & have experiences with?

Carry fishing tackle? If so, what were caught and best tasting?

Ha, and the .1% of "strange people"? How so?

If could say, what was your average day hike in miles? And the longest singular day trek?

Last, approx. how many pounds did your pack weigh in at?

Having packed in the Sierras, The Appalachians have always intrigued me. So, thank you for sharing your experience with us.

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1) How many people were killed by the government during the Cultural Revolution?

2) What do feel about Tank Man?

3) Is not China a totalitarian country? Does China have freedom of speech?

4) As a communist here in the U.S., what would happen to a capitalist in China doing the same as you?

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Maybe off base with this, and also have not yet read all the questions and your answers, but here goes...

1) After the War, after the OSS became CIA, were you still part of it with the CIA?

2) Now with that, comes the obvious and perhaps most inane question, what is your take on JFK's assassination?

Lastly, thank you so much for your hand in defeating one of history's worst of regimes.

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Ditto the same from California, USA. Much of my family-- parents, aunts & uncles were in the war effort. Thank you for your service.

Horses! What type of riding do you like most, and what breed, also?

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Shall I continue?

Yes, please if you will? For you've addressed but half the question, omitting the Trump part.

And do note I am not in any manner defending the Kennedys actions. Nor looking for comparison between them and Trump.

/u/Finneranfan question could perhaps have been worded so as not to seem trollish to you, but there it is, a legit question none the less. Which in essence is self-explanatory.