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Better idea. Go out to the countryside, meet a nice lady and raise a family. When your firstborn reaches the age of 7, take him out to the well by old Starchy's farm. Put him in the bucket, lower him down with a pickaxe and have him grab you three baby-fist size stones. Upon resurfacing, have your wife marinate the stones, then douse them in heavy cream and a sprinkling of your firstborn's blood. Recline on a therapist's chaise, put on Mozart's Piano Concerto 23 (2nd movement), and have your wife force the stones down your throat. Takes seven years, but fuck if it isn't infallible. Works every darn time.

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While I'm not The National, Carin is in fact the name of Matt's wife, and at the time they wrote and released Alligator they'd been dating a while. My significant other of a number of years is also named Caren and both City Middle and Karen (though the first in particular) have been wonderful backdrops for many a roadtrip. So thank you so much for that. Edit: I'm also under the impression that Abel was a reference to the story of Cain and Abel but in a more contemporary context relevant to their lives.

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Hi, Mr. Bennett, I'm actually a recent graduate of that school in Astoria! (Frank Sinatra School of the Arts for anyone interested). We've met a couple of times. Now I'm not sure how much you keep up to date with the school's performance, but while it provides rigorous work in the arts, it falls drastically behind in the more typical academics. The administration places very little focus on developing students beyond the bare minimum, and as can be seen on state testing records, it barely even scrapes that. Coupled with the mass firing of faculty at the start of this year, how do you see your dream for great arts education being implemented in tandem with equally great academics? It was sad to see kids fall behind and not be pushed to succeed where they could. Much respect to you and your dream, and thank you, I enjoyed my time as a student there, even if it could have been far far better.

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Are you actually criticizing paramedics for going to a disaster zone?

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Why do you think that Jews have it out for every non-Jew ever?