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Do you use different marketing strategies for apps versus physical products?

Oh yes, there is a massive difference: Apps you can easily distribute worldwide (just need to localize it), while products face a lot of challenges. Shipping, production, storage... are all challenges that you have to overcome if you launch a product. The barriers to entry in the app market are really low, so you will face a lot of competition. If you established a product with a loyal userbase, then you might be able to keep them for a long time.

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Depends on where in the US and where in Germany. I feel like Berlin is quite awesome for startups, San Fran is quite expensive for a small startup.

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How does someone who has some really great ideas for an app, knows nothing about programming, and feels the idea is viable go about creating an app?

That was me back in the day. Well in that case it is best to know a programmer and try to convince him of the concept. I always tried to convince others, if nobody seemed to like the idea then I let it go. I would openly talk about the idea with people you know and ask them for honest feedback.

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Yes I'm currently in the process of looking for investors willing to invest in a solid idea.Angel investors are hard to come by would you recommend me to any platform where i could network with potential investors? And congratulations on the good work.

I would look through AngelList 🚀. Do you already have a prototype/beta version? It is very difficult to raise funding with an idea nowadays.

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Great to hear that you liked my presentation at AWS, it was a lot of fun as well.

The best would be if you message me on LinkedIn (Christopher Obereder), I am currently also working on my own online courses around app marketing.

They will be launched within the next 2 weeks.