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If you spend any time in the hood it's pretty easy to see why there's no healthy options available. I used be a snack salesman, and my route would take me to some of the worst neighborhoods in the US. People generally make terrible financial decisions (buying single serve chips at the highest marginal price every day, buying tallboys instead of 6 packs, buying dimebags instead of quarters). Grocery stores have thin margins, and in actual ghettos theft is a real problem.

i'm of the opinion that poor nutrition contributes to a lot of their problems.... but there's no solution. The elimination of subsidies to companies like Pepsico, in the form of SNAP benefits for potato chips and soda would good start though. But you can't force people to eat vegetables, and you can't force companies to lose money on dumb experiments. If you could make money selling healthy food there, no other incentive would be needed.

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What will you guys do if I refuse to get health insurance?