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How much were you earning before and how much are you earning in your current job (if you have one, that is)?

Does the us government give any sort of reward for snitching on people who scam it?

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Oh boy. This is just like those adds that popup in the background when I visit piratebay and the like. "Nominal fee" charged by "retired hedge fund managers". Mmmkay. With $50 a month and a few hundred subscribers, you can make a good living and especially so if you happen to be some guy living in a 3rd world country. Your site looks new and the "track record" could have been put on the website yesterday. Why charge a fee at all since you should by all accounts be multimillionaires by now? A few grand a month should be nothing to you. Why don't you publish your full names so that we can verify that you are for real?

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"Buy subscription now" was the button I clicked, http://imgur.com/DAovfhx.

I'm just showing the other readers how to do some due diligence. Nothing personal even though it probably appears that way. Most people that sell trading signals are scammers and finding the rare few that are legit and good isn't easy. Anyone thinking about subscribing to a signal service should do a lot of research before deciding.

If you aren't in it for the money, then you should consider removing the option to pay to you directly and leave only the option to donate to charities. It will look a lot less shady that way.

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When I click your subscribe button, it takes me to Paypal. There, it says the payment goes to you (charityhedgefund.com), not some charity. Where is the proof that you donate the subscription fees to charities? Why is there no company name, address or phone number on the website?

Testimonials from "subscribers" are worthless. Anyone can write anything on the internet. A fake track record would of course have correct entry and exit prices, so there is no point checking those. Why isn't your trade record verified by a third party?

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do you recommend a demo over a new car?

how much should a demo car be discounted for it to be a good deal?

how badly do the demo cars get abused?