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Wolves don't want to please you and don't really care about what you want them to do at all, so you can't really train them or have them in your house. They will eat it. A lot of people think wolfdogs will make good guard dogs, but then can't even have anyone over to their house because their wolfdogs are horrified of everything. Wolves are mostly concerned with their families and their space. They don't want to be separated from their canine/human families and they don't want to leave their space. Anything unfamiliar is REALLY SCARY and you can't force them to do something they don't want to. They're a lot smarter than dogs and are extremely good at reading your emotions and deceiving you to get what they want. Also, wolves avoid eye contact with you (it's threatening to them), while dogs try to make it.

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The wolves eat chicken that's meant to be shipped to Europe (less hormones/steroids than what Americans eat) but in damaged boxes, so it's cheaper. They eat four times a week. We give them chicken quarters with vitamins sprinkled on top. They also get beef and sometimes we have other animal meats or organ meats and they get that. A few of them have special needs and we cut their food up for them or cook it for them so it's soft. For example we have a seventeen year old wolf with throat cancer. He gets cooked chicken and beef in the broth and is doing really well. Some of them will eat fruits and vegetables and cottage cheese. As treats we give them bloodsicles or frozen hamburger meat. Some also like peanut butter, yogurt, frozen juice, watermelon, eggs, etc.

Bella is a wolfdog. Someone tried to keep her as a pet but she kept escaping. She's entirely in charge of Yuki and we have to feed them separately because otherwise she would take his food right out of his mouth.

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We mostly wear our Shy Wolf Sanctuary t-shirts or old shirts we got for free/don't want anymore. They get stained with mud and guts and poop and get holes in them from being stepped/jumped on.

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We bring tubs of meat through the sanctuary in a wagon to feed them, and there's always blood left at the bottom, so sometimes we freeze it and most of them love it.

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They like the smell of my shampoo and love rubbing their faces/necks in my hair and licking it (scenting). I don't wear perfume there because that would just be silly since I get all dirty and gross. We sometimes spray perfume in their enclosures and they rub on it/roll in it. =) I also give them random smelly things. One of them will roll in anything stinky. Here's Chocowa rolling in a little piece of clementine peel. http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc7/3663_10151915340420123_358110904_n.jpg http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/532283_10151915340740123_1961121074_n.jpg