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Haha the title is indeed a bit weird and was totally not chosen on purpose to get into time travel stuff. but hey, I love Dark from Netflix so why not talk about that too lol

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they could not handle the GOT finale I showed them while traveling back in time :D

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Not here, but in another parallel universe.

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Sure man, there are so many that its very hard to pick, but here are two quick examples:

- HItching a ride with a (very pretty) girl that was on a way to a business meeting without time to change. He asked if I could drive and then started to strip down half naked in the car next to me while changing into her business outfit.

- Hitching a ride with a former NASCAR driver in Utah when I was kind of stuck due to a nearby prison. ended up staying in his place and getting a cap and pic from him and his old racing car, which was also still parked in his yard. He was around 80 years when I met him, you can check the video here to check him out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTQUkYYaQ7g

Theres much more, maybe some day ill write a book about it when Im done seeing every country.

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Best strats are usually what has been adapted by the community as current Meta strats. Spamming peasants and building a towern hall next to the enemy base would certainly be not one of those meta strats! lolz