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Hi Bruce,

First, congratulations on having Young Drunk Punk turn out so great. If anyone but you were involved, I'd be incensed at how much the show was ripping off your aesthetic. Your weird poetry infuses it, but the cast really works well with each other, too - this is a fantastic group effort.

Important question: there's a bonus feature ("Bruce Fan") you did on the "Same Guys, New Dresses" DVD where you play a fan meeting yourself backstage and just awkwardly praising yourself up and down before awkwardly leaving. Was this...based on any specific incident? Because I had the honour of awkwardly meeting you after you did a show in Calgary (back in 2000) where, after telling you how awesome you were and getting you to sign some stuff for me and my cousin, I may have done the "stare silently at you for an uncomfortably long moment after we've said goodbye" thing (I was star-struck and slightly drunk). I'd love to think my epic awkwardness could have inspired you in some way...but maybe all your fan encounters go like that!

At any rate: thank you for being so kind to your fans, especially the really awkward ones. And congratulations again on how great Young Drunk Punk is (as well as "Let's Start a Riot" - we have the same 'hardest thing I've had to do' and it's cool to see someone acknowledge how hard that is).

Be well,


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Scott, you are my hero. I've read so many of your interviews, read Buddy Babylon and Husk, and listened to the commentaries and the podcasts. What's it like being such a huge inspiration to obsessive fans like me? Also, where did you meet Jeff Goodes, your podcast producer? He seems like good people.

(Also, if you ever want parts of your new comic done up in 3D, let me know, ok? I'd love to work with you!)

chrisleblanc791 karma

Thank you, Bruce :) For shame-based details, I was maybe the last guy in North America to still have a ponytail, and asked you to sign my anime porn, hoping it would stand out as being all non-sequitur and weird. (that part I didn't feel awkward about, that seemed like the most normal part of the whole encounter)