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For anyone reading and wondering how true this is, let me share my reasoning when I was in college.

Lots of college students are uncomfortable extending themselves past their normal social bubble. As a result, they stick with like-minded friends and peers. I was that kind of student in freshmen year. Didn't really improve as a person.

Sophomore year, I joined a club (philosophy) and the type of people in their were way above the cognitive norm I was use to. Not saying they were more smarter or more elite than others, just better than myself then. I felt challenged even keep up with conversations.

But over the years, these peers which I networked with showed me general 'secrets' to their success. Just by 'standing' next to them, I felt I grew more than I would have if I stood next to my normal peers.

Standing next to people smarter than you are is about challenging yourself to be a little better. Learn a little more. Grow a bit more wisdom.

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What kind of things did you have to learn/unlearn compared to traditional TV?

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What's the ISS policy on spiked eggnog or any alcoholic beverage in space?

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What's the cost to run something like Photopea?

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Story time:

Aunt acquired ransomware recently from email attachment. Assumed it was real. Was in the process of typing in information.

Tech savvy in training 13 year old cousin pulls the plug on the keyboard. Tells his mom that it was fake and it's a virus.

She flips shit and grounds him cause... anger and surprise? Calls me up (IT guy in family) to ask if it's a virus.

I confirm it is indeed a virus.

I'm heading over tomorrow to fix the issue. My anti virus toolkit key-chain is ready. In the meantime, my cousin is probably still grounded.