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Have you ever gone into the shadow of the ISS or another space ship while on a space walk? If so what was it like? Is it total darkness?

Edit: Thanks for the response! And good luck up there! I'll watch you every night you pass over Chicago!

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I once did the old renegon hold on you at a bar in Chicago. GoodNeighbor has dominated my sense of humor for the last 7 years, not everyone gets it, but when someone does we're instant friends. Thanks for bringing weirdos together.

Question: I feel that SNL forced you guys to dumb down your work for the general public. It felt like a lot of the weirdness that made you guys so funny and original was washed away. How did the writing/review process go for you? Did you feel like you had to make compromises when you wrote?

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Are you in need of any local help for your next project? I saw that you're trying to to put together a BTS crew for "Submarine Sandwich." I'm a long time fan and would love to help with that endeavor!

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Totally! I grew up making stupid videos with friends and now work on feature films with 100's of people. I couldn't imagine making those same videos in this fashion. Thanks for the response Nick.