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When you first came to know AA11 and UA175 were hijacked, what was your first instinctive reaction? What's the first thought that came to your mind?

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How come the "random screening" always end up picking out brown people for secondary screening? Source: Brown guy who has been "randomly" selected for "SSSS" almost everytime passing through a US airport

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Hoping you will still read this as it is way after the AMA ended. There is a nasty bug in Explore that made me pull my hair out today. When you open the map and add filter "price less than $500" in addition to destinations fitting the price, it also shows all podunk tiny airports for which there is "price not available". I clicked on maybe ten exotic airports thinking I can fly there only to get "price not available".

Exclude N/A airports from the results for the love of God! Aarghhh!