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I can see that not being the most pleasant college experience. Still, it's probably better to have excellent grades and no friends than to be popular and have bad grades, especially in the long run.

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to anyone interested, I just found this, which shows some photos of what other cast members are up to as of a few months ago

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Good point about season 1... I'm a big fan, but if I had been there I would have been advising Patrick Stewart that someone with his talent can find better opportunities elsewhere. I don't know if any other television show improved over time as much as TNG did.

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I don't know anything about your personal situation and this is probably a terrible idea for you or else you might have done it already, but I am curious... have you considered returning to the country you originated from, where they have most likely have a less insane health care system that won't deny you life-altering treatments because you can't afford an insurance plan?

Anyway, keep strong and good luck with your treatment.

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I would absolutely buy that show on DVD just for the nostalgia, or even better, a digital copy. In these modern times anything and everything that's ever produced is being sold on Vudu or iTunes or is up on Youtube... what a shame it would be if Zoom is stuck in a PBS vault and won't be seen again.