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Cards Against Humanity

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I want to leave Facebook but there are three things stopping me:

  1. All my friends are there
  2. It's great for posting pictures
  3. It's great for organizing events

WT.Social can't do much about point one, but is the goal to be a new place for points two and three? From what I've seen it seems more geared towards replacing Reddit than replacing Facebook, but I'll admit I haven't explored it that much.

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I mean, he has so many friends, which one was it?

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I used to love DB back in the day. I went back to it maybe a year ago and I was shocked to see it looked identical to how it did some ten years ago... I'd just assumed by looking at it that the site had become essentially defunct and was only kept up because there was no reason to take it down.

I'm glad to know the site is doing well and you actually make a living off of it, but I highly, highly, recommend a site redesign; if only to let people know that the site is doing well and give a more professional presentation to new customers.

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I want to see a match between you an Sean Godley (killegarchess). Any chance of that happening?