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What sort of advice can you give to a new band?

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They actually have a show in Michigan tonight. I'm excited to go see them!

Edit: I got to meet them after the show. They were all so nice! P.S. I'm the redhead.

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What are some of the signs to look for in a meth addict? I think one of my coworkers may be one...

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Does your ulcerative colitis have any other affects on your body? My boyfriend has the same thing, J-pouch and all, and it all stemmed from his liver disease. He's had other complications such as gout and arthritis in his lower back because of UC, too. Also, more embarrassing, how do you deal with losing fecal matter in the bed? Does it happen often if it happens at all? Do you have a significant other who has to deal with it? I wish the best for you! It's a lot to handle, and I hope you're recovering well. I'll probably have more questions for you, but those are what I can think of now. *Edit (more questions) have you ever had anything done at Mayo Clinic? I know you said you had it done at Cleveland Clinic, but just checking.

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What's your favorite thing about being so tall? What's the shortest girl you've ever been with? Do you ever scare children with how tall you are?