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chiltonmatters12 karma

Little known secret- at least at the time. Like a lot of college kids I had little money so I thought I’d prepare by purchasing the preparation books published by the GRE people themselves. I think there were 5 or 6. I read thru all of the and did their practice tests at least twice. When I didnt know the meaning of a word I looked up

So I go to take the test and was shocked to find out it was basically the same test, only with different numbers plugged in. And 60% of those words i looked up were there. I got 800/790/800 (and I don mean that arrogantly)

Perhaps I got lucky or have a “test taking” gene. But unless the GRE people changed their prep books (or don’t sell them anymore) I would highly recommend this strategy. It does take a lot of time, but I got offers from 13 grad programs, most with guaranteed support (TA, etc). YMMV