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chicklette17 karma

Hi Greg! Amateur brewer here:

Xocoveza is hands down my favorite beer, and that's coming from a true west coast hop head. Is there any way you'd be willing to share a scaled down version of the recipe (or any of your recipes) for home brewers?

Also I really love your w00t stout and look forward to the release every year. Any hints on what you might be thinking of for the next version?

Thank you!

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You know, I don't really give a fuck if I get cancer. For me, I have choice of letting strangers look at me mostly naked (body scanner) or let someone feel me up (I have very large breasts and they ALWAYS feel up under my bra, across my breasts, through my crotch and around my waistband).

For the most part, I drive if I can. Because, and I say this with all seriousness, fuck the TSA. I don't need or want strangers looking at my body or touching my body in that way. It's over invasive and as a legitimate patriot, I deserve better.

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Just throwing in a suggestion for the tidy cats breeze system. It has bigger pellets, not sand, so they don't clump and won't get stuck on his feet. It has an absorbent liner in a slide out try, so you can change that as often as you need to (our cat with kidney disease used the box a LOT), and scoop out the solid waste.

The one drawback is that you cat may not like the larger pellets. We HAD all of our cats on this system, but then one protested by peeing on the bed, so we switched back to sand. I plan to try to reconvert them soon, as it's a much cleaner litter system.