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This is a personal reply since the official AMA is over, and we're not together as a group anymore, but it is never ok to accuse someone falsely. That is not a gender-specific thing. It is never ok, and when someone does that, they should be held accountable for their actions - the same as perpetrators should be held accountable when they are fairly accused. The standard should be the same no matter the gender, socioeconomic status or any other factor.

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Sarah Ann Masse: JUST ASK. Just ask - say I would like to kiss you. It doesn’t ruin the moment. It removes the potential trauma. And even if it feels awkward, why not communicate? Talk about the way things feel - the way you like to be touched and kissed. It’s okay to talk about.

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Caitlin: it’s such a great question. I was inspired to speak because when i was assaulted by Harvey weinstein, it was a long time ago, 20 years ago. And i never thought that he would be held accountable for his actions because he was so powerful. I was silent about everything that I experienced for 20 years and it affected everything in my life - my relationships and my family. And I’m just grateful that it happened. I’m very grateful that the world has changed so much. But there is some mourning that goes along with knowing what has happened in the time that you weren’t speaking. So I’m very active in helping organizations who are doing the work like Voices in Action.

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LOUISE: And if you’re a prosecutor or a judge, you’re going to have to investigate the evidence. in our individual lives, when someone discloses trauma to us, it’s not for us to prosecute or make arrests. It’s up to us to offer support. 99% of the time, when someone comes to me, i have no reason to believe that they’re not telling anything but the truth. Regardless, that person who comes forward is looking to another human being to help support them through a difficult time. I’m involved in the world of child sexual assault. And it’s extremely rare that a child makes up an assault. So if a child comes to you with a story of assault, you should believe them. My orientation is always believe the person who is talking to me. Because my belief doesn’t make a bit of judicial difference. I’m offering human support.

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Several Silence Breakers are actively involved in work combatting human trafficking and child slavery. Mira Sorvino is quite active as an advocate and dedicates a great deal of her time fighting these issues.