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Not to mention this is a different user than the last Filippenko AMA, u/AlexFilippenko. r/IAmAConspiracy

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Hello Alex.

It's been a pleasure for me to follow your work with the videos and talks you have done about your research. Recently, I had the pleasure to visit Lick Observatory as well. I would like to listen to one of your talks at Berkeley the next time I visit my fellow university students!

I was wondering if you ever find research in theoretical fields unfulfilling. In other words, you risk squandering months or years of work on something with little physical evidence to back it up that can be disproved when further discoveries are made. I know that's how science works, but do you even feel it's a personal letdown, even for you as someone with many successes?

It would like to take this moment to introduce r/filippenko. It's a... fan page? Or something like that. Founded by two students in 2012, it has been revived by two more four years later. Jolly good astrophysics memes if I do say so myself.

I'm a tad disappointed to see you've lost your password to u/AlexFilippenko. I guess there are more important things like pi digits to remember. But that's a lot of trouble to keep track of your karma. It's very important around here.

Finally, let it be known that I supported Lick Observatory by purchasing a $50 Lick jacket at the gift shop. It's quite chilly up there.