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My dream is to become a voice actress for either a cartoon show or for serious series or anime. I have always loved how disney could take serious subjects like divorce and death happiness and hardship and display them in a way that a child can understand and relate too gave me a goal. I made a demo with a friend a while ago, and it has always made me feel nervous. I'm shy and have a bit of anxiety - but it doesn't mean i can't have passions and dreams lol.

I went to an interview once at the sally corp in Jacksonville fl, they do animatronic rides and animations. It went well until i had to do 5 different characters having a conversation at the same time. That abruptly ended my interview. She was nice...but it has made it hard for me to try again.

Have you ever had a bad interview? If so what did you do to overcome it? And do you have any tips to overcome the anxiety of it all? And may i send you a copy of my demo for your review/pointers?

ok - those are my questions :3