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One subreddit that fascinates me is r/AITA. What do you think is the psychological impact of getting put in your place, sometimes by tens or thousands of users? Positive thing, negative thing?

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(F, 27) I went through a severe depression this summer and fall. A large part of it being due to accepting my sexuality (gay) and the end of two significant romantic relationships. I lived in a studio and ended up really isolating myself because I was too depressed to get out of bed. I work from home so it was easy. I finally got back on track and started to pull myself out over the winter by leaning into dating, self-care, getting out with friends, working out. I also came home to live with my parents right before covid and now I’m right back in the isolation with no end in sight. I feel like I’m falling back into the depths and idk if I have the strength to pull myself out all over again once this is over.

What do you suggest for people who were already struggling with depression and anxiety?

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How do you deal with the anger? Not just today, but for all those years? You are a strong person and I have deep respect for you.

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Do you have a lot of pain day to day? If so, do you smoke to medicate and does it help?