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Welcome? to the CML club. I was diagnosed in March 2014. I've been taking Tasigna twice a day every day since. Works great. By Sept 2016 my BCR-ABL was completely untraceable. Hoping to try and get off of it next year. If you aren't getting good results, maybe look at Tasigna. How often are you being tested?

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Also, I promise you you'll stop thinking about it after a while.

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For sure. As long as your body is responding keep going with what you got.

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That's wonderful! It took me over a year and a half to get to that number.

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Pretty good. Super glad my numbers are good. Kind of funny that I started getting all kinds of weird symptoms coinciding when my numbers dropped to undetectable. My non-scientific opinion is that since the medicine did its deed against the CML, it still now finding something to attack. But it certainly worth it!