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Bareback a hell of a lot. Often bondage but that's not untypical. I've had some bizarre ones, a guy who came to London for the Olympics and wanted me to wear a UK flag (?!?!), guy who wanted to wrap me in clingfilm and take pictures on his balcony, some nutter who wanted to pay £8000 (and yes, that's three 0's) to do a rape session in the woods... That was a no, by the way.

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Yes. I don't work everyday as I don't need that much money and there aren't always jobs (I rent a room quite cheap and don't spend much money generally) - but that does mean that when a job comes up, I do really have to take it. It could be I have plans with friends in the evening and a 2 hour job comes up which I really can't afford to turn down, or just a bad day but I have rent due - I try not to turn down any jobs unless they seem dodgy or the guy is trying to take the piss. It can be a bit much sometimes.

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Proof was given here, but edited due to Mods confirming.

Long story short, I have no A levels due to severe illness compromising my studies, a year ago I broke up with someone I was living with and ended up sofa-surfing and occasionally in a station overnight, not a great period. About a month into this (family and I were estranged and without an address it was hard to get work and without work it was hard to get a home) a man I knew vaguely who also knew about my dilemma told me that if I slept with him, he'd pay me. I have no emotional ties to sex due to several incidents in my past, and saw it as a last resort. I then found AW (adultwork.com) and realised that if I priced myself a little higher than others, and was careful with how I wrote my ad and the feedback I was left, I'd attract "nicer" clients. This led to me finding a home, and finding a home meant that I was able to write, study in my own time, all that - without the onus of a 9-5. I have issues with organisation (dyspraxia) and find schedule and routine very difficult, so have continued to do this job until I have spent time learning, writing (I'm a book girl) and steadying my mind from the chaos I've had over the last few years.

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I always check for feedback or something from another girl they've met before; on the main site I use for marketing there is a feedback system so I can see who is more legit.

I also make sure at least three people know where I am going to be, and if I haven't contacted them by a certain time they call the police. Luckily this has never had to be used as I drop that fact into any conversation with the client to make sure they know I have security.

For car meets which are no more than half an hour, I have someone waiting for me who can take down the registration plate of the car. If the client seems a little off, I let him know I've done this.

I never know. I just have to go with my gut instinct and if something seems wrong, I get the hell out of there. Weirdest fetish? I had a guy in London Bridge who wrapped me in clingfilm dresses and stood me on the balcony and took photos. I found it amusing, if truth be told.

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Yes, it's man4man - we have a slightly abnormal relationship. He didn't know I 'escorted', I didn't know he did. We both told eachother early on, and we're doing it for the same reasons - I trust him completely. I have engaged in polyamorous relationships with absolutely no problem before, been in love within them, and given the nature of his intimacy with others, it isn't an issue. I just make him tea when he's had to bottom as he hates that, and he gives me peanut butter when I've had a bad job.