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chelsealouanne8 karma

It's a milestone year for our beloved series Charmed next year as it marks 20 years since airing. Would you consider attending a fan convention with your previous costars if the timing was right for you?

PS: This year has been so good to you. So happy for all your newly released projects and soon-to-be released ones. I know I stated this to you in the letter I gave you when we met in Toronto for Touch, but I just have to state it again because you are so deserving of it!

Love always,


chelsealouanne7 karma

Hi, Alyssa! Longtime fan of yours. Do you have any more signings booked in the future? I know you've been doing Hacktivist signings around NY and California, and I was just wondering if I were to get in contact with a comic book store would you be open to making an appearance? Granted if it's the right time! Toronto would love to have you! :)

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Billy & Marilyn, how do we get in on this meet and greet Q&A you both speak of?!

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I believe there's a Beetlejuice 2 in the works; maybe they can fit in a role for ya!

chelsealouanne2 karma

How did the idea of The End Times tour come together?

PS: Huge fan, will see you in Toronto Aug 4!