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I'm 24 and have lived in Alabama (Birmingham area) my whole life, though I'm a UA grad (sorry bud...). I lean pretty far left, but I do understand that, in districts such as your own, that you have to either straddle the center, or adopt some more conservative policies in order for your constituents to see you as a worthy candidate.. How do you plan to appeal to both your party supporters, and the constituents who you are trying to win over? Is it a matter of centrism? Or do you lean into more progressive policies that attempt to improve the lives of working class voters?

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Awesome, sounds very fulfilling! Good luck with your PhD and future work, thanks for the answer!

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Hi! Simple question, but what is your day-to-day like? I've always wondered about the daily work schedule of a biologist!

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Hi! First off, I really like your attitude, it's inspiring!

Second, my question: You mentioned your favorite games are RDR (my favorite game of all time too :]), GTA: SA, and The Last of Us. Since those are all console games, I figure you mainly play on there. Do your hands get fatigued after playing for a while? Or do you not have any difficulty with the controllers at all?