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What's the most obscure thing you've seen being shoplifted?

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We left after the last round of accusations became proven.

It wasn’t the whole reason but it was the straw that broke the camels back, so to speak.

The biggest reason was our own experience in the church, but this just added to the frustration.

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That’s the problem with the moniker of a ‘conspiracy theorist’; it lumps everyone under one umbrella so that if someone simply refuses to entertain your assertion, they can disregard you as such and be on their merry way.

It’s a term with not-so-subtle undertones that conjure up people in tinfoil hats, sitting in mom’s basement, slurping mt dew. It’s easy enough to disregard someone as a CT because the very assertion of going against a widely accepted norm is seen as looney tunes.

Just like NSA, FISA warrants, etc. 15 years ago we were called heretics, kooks, and all sorts of mentally ill, but look where we ended up. Right smack dab in a giant clusterfuck of lies and disgusting actions by our federal government that were casually brushed aside by the same people that said ‘MOST Americans would rather sacrifice a little privacy for safety!!” Which, is not true and doesn’t even come close to coming clean regarding the acts they’ve committed for god knows how long.

Same with Seth Rich- SOMETHING is up there. The lines don’t connect and there’s far more to this than we’ll ever know, but again, believing this makes me a CT.

I make a very comfortable living, and I’m a relatively happy person; believing in things that aren’t necessarily ‘proven scientifically’ doesn’t mean I’m a poor, uneducated, depressed person, and as a psychologist, I’d strongly question any physician who even eluded to such nonsense.

Believing in things that go against the grain of societal ‘facts’ doesn’t equate to being thrown into an asylum and tossing the key, and it’s incredibly unethical for a doctor or therapist to treat someone like it is, if the belief is not consuming your life or causing you to act irrationally.

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I completely agree with you and is why we walked away. We couldn’t, in good conscience, know that money we’d given was being used to hush up victims and/or protect priests and their asses. It still frosts my cookies that these fuckers were so capable of such evil and all the while having the audacity to preach about the sins of others. Fuck them.

I’m so sorry you suffered at the hands of a priest, and then endured the pain of being doubted. I honestly had never heard of the abuse (or even heard it whispered in dark corners) or I’d have walked away sooner.

I realize that it does little to even remotely heal your wounds, but I believe it’s still worth saying. We did start donating the normal amount we’d been tithing to victim relief organizations, so we’re at least trying to do right by you and others who went through this horrific abuse.

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Definitely this.

There’s unscrupulous people in every facet of life, and as sad as it sounds, I could absolutely see an unethical parent try to prey upon the emotions of the person who gave the beautiful gift and try to milk them for more.

We don’t like to see the awful side of things, but I’m sure it’s a possibility they’re trying to avoid.