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So, working in porn, does your company have a web filter like most, and if so, what the hell does it block...?

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I'm going on vacation to Lviv and Kiev next month! What are some good places to either eat or grab a drink if you've ever been to those cities?

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"We like foreign films" Have you ever seen Polish films, and if so what's your favorite? May I suggest "Miasto 44" was released this year and was quite good. -An American living in Poland and missing The Jerry Springer Show.

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Did you ever have any moment when you said "Fuck it" and decided to stop your job as a news crew and help someone in need?

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Wow! Awesome, thank you! I go to Toronto frequently, so maybe I will check in with your office when the time comes.

How about a follow up? :: What are good jobs for the express entry program? I'm looking at working as a communication major, like for television ect, with a swing of politics in there, so I would love to work for people as a PR specialist or even on political news. IS there a market for this, or am I doomed for entry?