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It's also on us to understand the mechanisms behind this form of radicalization and learn how to help people out. Not everybody can do this but the more the better.

I collected ways to effectively reach radicalized and misled people.


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What do we currently know about the effect of vitamin D3 supplementation to the infection risk and outcomes of infection?

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...Black-led groups...

I think to successfully fight racism we need to start changing the language and our perception. The concept of "race" is made up. There is just the human race.

By constantly grouping us into "blacks" and "whites" we hold on to the fake idea of "races". The slogan "Black lives matter" is good though. It doesn't talk about "blacks" as a "racial" group, rather about black lives.

Here is the Jena declaration on this topic.


“The concept of race is the result of racism, not its prerequisite.”

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Can PTSD be cured?

Psilocybin, MDMA and LSD show promising results in early studies.


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The German government legalized a trojan for our internal intelligence agency. The idea is that they will work with ISP to get it on target systems.

How do they protect their spyware from detection through anti virus software?