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I'm from winston salem NC (where they invented these delicious bastards). I used to go trick or treating in a neighborhood called buena vista and a lady who lived there used to get a gross of dozen boxes and hand out a dozen doughnuts to each group. I didn't really have a question I just wanted to share this. It was awesome.

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I'm a personal assistant and estate manager for a very nice but scattered wealthy developer. He's a good guy. Hell, he paid for my wedding and stood with me and my wife.

I've worked for him for ten years and I'd like to ask: what are special nice things I can do for him to let him know that he is appreciated/ reduce stress?

It seems like no one remembers his birthday, no Christmas gifts, nothing. I get that time is the ultimate commodity but I'm already compensated well to help with that.


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Yeah. They were stacked inside the doorway on the left when she opened it. I swear it was like looking inside a cartoon vault filled with money to my young eyes.

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Meh it's okay. Got a few good bars. Nice downtown living. One of the cheapest costs of living in the nation. Some decent art galleries. Friendly people. I like it.

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Try them dry or parboiled.