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chchchcheetah21 karma

How do you feel about people showing off their wolf dogs on social media as "great pets."

For me, I'm sure that there are people who make it work and have great relationships with their animals. But in general I kind of hate that this can (internationally or not) encourage people to seek out an animal that they are more than likely incapable of caring for properly. It just seems maybe a little irresponsible and I'd like to see more education on those type of posts as to why their pet may not be for everyone.

Overall I guess I just don't want to encourage more breeding of hybrids since many seem to end up in crappy situations (not their fault). Having worked, paid and unpaid, in animal rescue, I've seen a fair share of this with domestic animals literally bred to be companions.

Idk. I don't want to mess with owners doing a good job with happy animals either. But I also kinda feel like many people that want certain animals as pets just want to feel special and unique, which to me is plain entitled. Like we have plenty of already fully domesticated creatures we as humans created for that purpose, and you want something else?? Just a tricky line to walk I guess and it seems like public ed on animals and their care in general is the best bet.

Tl;dr How do you feel about people showing off their exotic/wild pets on social media and the continued breeding of said animals? And sorry for rambling, and thanks for all the work you do!!!

chchchcheetah6 karma

Hey thanks for the response! Such a perfect and fitting answer -and much more eloquently written than my own. I am so glad to have the insight of someone with experience in the arena. Thank you again for the incredible work you do!