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I am a mechanical engineering student. Dude, when I was in fifth grade I was playing CivIII (in 2001) and finally got building nukes and became very interested in reading up on the manhattan project and this history of nuclear bombs. When I realized that no one really builds bombs anymore but there's this huge industry of nuclear tech, that needs radioisotopes and uranium, and also my country is among the bigger producers of uranium I became very interested in nuclear engineering (I was originally interested in aerospace but at this age I wouldn't have realized thats what that was - I still am interested but its hard and competitive).

So you have my dream job from when I was 11 - 15. Thats so awesome.

I posted a question in another account about getting a job in the nuclear industry to askengineers sub. Would you have any advice about that? More specficially if there is any demand for your particular type of work within the industry outside of Canada?

I lost interest in later years of high school as I didn't do particularly well for a lot of reasons. Decided to become an RN instead which is awesome but I am back to study engineering to see where it will take me and if I could work in this industry whether in mining / processing sectors or in a related tech capacity that would greatly satiate my childhood passion.

So other then those questions I also like to ask any general advice for Mech students? How did going from Mech - a mining related job work out although from your description there is obviously a lot of mech involved and did you plan on this happening or did you take the opportunity as it came?

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thank you that is awesome advice