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What’s your net worth? Be honest

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My mistake, don't judge an author by the cover I guess...

Not sure if the objective behind my question would still apply to your book PCC? Would you suggest PCC to students to complement their learning on a DataQuest-like platform or do you think there would be too much overlap?

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Hi Eric, I've heard rave reviews of your materials and personally love the artwork. Thanks for your time and attention to the community.

My question is which of your resources would you suggest to complement learning the basics of Python syntax through Dataquest (similar to CodeAcademy) without becoming redundant in material or exercises?

The title of Automate the Boring Stuff sounds appealing, and so do your GitHub and Udemy courses, but I'm already a few lessons into Dataquest and don't want to try to learn too many things at once.

Thanks for your contribution to the field!