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Ms. Poggioli,

Thank you for the work you do covering the Papacy and many important stories in Italy and Europe.

It seems that some vocal people in the US and parts are Europe are forgetting important lessons of history and are reverting back to extremist roots as their economic conditions worsen.

The Golden Dawn has been covered pretty extensively by NPR. Are there similar neo-fascist movements happening in Italy, or do you worry about there being new neo-fascist movements if the economy in Italy degrades?

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Your house is burning down and firefighters say you have one minute to go into your library to save whatever you can. What books (with their associated marginalia) do you save and why? Assume your family and pets are safe :)

Related: do you have a way of archiving your notes in case of said fire?

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/u/acarvin posted a little further down about NPR's internships.

As a friend of someone who worked briefly for NPR, also look at internships at your local station. It also helps to do radio work for your college station in order to get production experience.

The brief behind the scenes look showed me that first and foremost you need to be a good communicator. It takes a lot of work to distill information into a short radio spot so that it informs and entertains the listener.

Also, the public radio people I met love puns, so work on those.

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I have a few questions, choose what you'd like to answer.

  • Do you think that the ability of politicians to bypass "traditional media" to get their message out - usually through social media outlets - has affected the dynamic between reporters and politicians? If so, how?

  • It seems that journalism - at the highest levels - is becoming a profession for upper-middle class and upper class people since an unpaid internship in places like Washington DC and New York are very beneficial to getting one's foot in the door. Is this view justified, and if so, a problem? More generally, do you think a journalist's background has a large impact on how they report?

  • How frustrating is it to hear rehearsed answers over and over again from politicians/sources?

  • I see you play softball for the NPR team. What's your favorite position to play?

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If you follow football, Lazio or Roma?

If you don't, support Roma; they have an American (Michael Bradley) on the squad!