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Does it ever get kinda creepy to know that there is always a fresh 18 year old discovering your work, or do you enjoy it? At this point I think I've been enjoying your work longer in my life than I have not been aware of you, and just want to say thank you for all you've done.

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I thought so, Nina is the classiest woman I can think of in porn.

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I admit I did debate putting that, but it seemed a bit too creepy to ask that.

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I love your 80's stuff. The first porn I can remember seeing was a scene between you and Peter North my friend had borrowed from his dad's stash, was so excited to find it years later. On a related line, how do you feel about your old videos popping up on sites like xhamster and pornhub? Do they pass on any ad revenue to the stars/producers, or would you rather they get pulled?