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David, I'm very excited about this event; it seems to have something in common spiritually with True Stories, which similarly celebrated American cultural traditions that are usually overlooked by "serious" art people. Do you agree that there's a common thread between these projects, and will we ever see a blu-ray (or at least a widescreen DVD transfer) of True Stories, so we can see those gorgeous Ed Lachmann shots as they were originally framed?

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There's a public perception that this issue is mostly, like, a white-male techie-bro, dudes in Guy Fawkes masks issue. That's wrong, of course; everyone uses the internet, and communities of color, LGBT folks, rural folks, may be especially reliant on the open communications platform afforded by the internet to connect their communities, organize, and elevate their voices. Likewise musicians and filmmakers who are ignored by corporate media need the more level playing field of the internet to be able connect to audiences. What can activists do to help communicate the importance of this issue among more diverse demographics? (And, can the White House help us reinforce this?)