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At the No Pants Subway Ride when someone looked around at the car and realized they were the only one wearing pants and then took their own pants off.

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We never try to break the law. We've broken a ton of retail store policies, MTA regulations, park regulations, etc. So I'm happy to break the rules, but no one is trying to get arrested. A great example of the cops showing up but not being able to do anything was our Best Buy Uniform Prank. We had 100 people wear blue polo shirts and khaki pants in a Best Buy. They called 911, but the cops basically said, "It's not illegal to wear a blue polo shirt."

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They set us a cease and desist for selling blue polo shirts with a yellow Improv Everywhere logo. So I'm well aware of their legal team.

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The Moebius. Because it's probably the best idea we've ever had and the video is super shitty because it was 2003 and we didn't know what we were doing. I'll remake it at some point. Waiting for the right opportunity.

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It's so hard to pick a favorite, but my favorite one last year was Conduct Us, where we set up an orchestra in the middle of NYC and let random people conduct them. The documentary are also does a great job of showing some of our early highlights, like our Fake U2 prank.