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Meh. It's a pretty weak response. When I heard about this AMA, the only thing I was interested in was YouTube's technology versus Twitch's. Instead he just dismisses it.

Despite having 100/100 internet at home, 11mb/s bandwidth to a 27 ms-ping Twitch ingest server in my area, the ability to actually stream to Twitch at 1080p, the service lately has been incredibly choppy as a viewer even on 360/480p. Streams I'm subscribed to that offer 1080p? I cannot watch at that quality and will not be renewing subscriptions after this month.

I've probably put about $40 into subscriptions and Turbo since own3d shut down, because I want to support Twitch. However, any streamed event that has a YouTube stream, I just watch that with a 10s delay and enjoy 720p lag-free.

YouTube has by far the superior streaming technology. Culture, scope, ease of use for first-time streamers, etc? Twitch has it beat. But as far as the actual content delivery, YouTube Live blows it out of the water.

The short description for people reading this thread is that Twitch uses a basic flash player to display streams. Pause/play, volume controls, quality selector. That's it.

YouTube on the other hand has a full 'timeline' that you can skip around, like any other YouTube video. There are three huge advantages to this system:

1) As long as your average connection to YouTube's servers are higher than the average bit rate, you can watch a video without stuttering, as long as you set a small delay. On Twitch, if a stream is 2000kb/s, you have to hold 2000kb/s at every single second of the video, else you drop packets meaning choppy video or stuttering audio. If you watch YouTube with a small delay, those dips in bandwidth don't kill the stream. The dropped packets just get re-sent. A YouTube stream when your bandwidth is alternating between 1800 and 2200 kb/s is totally watchable. A Twitch stream when your bandwidth is alternating between 1800 and 2200 kb/s means you will only hear every other word.

2) Instantaneous VoDs. If your friend is just tuning in to a stream that has been going on for 3 hours, you can say "check out 1h36m54s", and give them a direct link to that point in time.

3) Sync multiple streams together if viewing with friends and talking on Skype, Mumble, etc. If a stream is at 1 hour 10 minutes 7 seconds, and you want to watch it with a Skype call going, you can all tune in to 1h10m0s and start together.

tl;dr: as long as the data gets from the broadcaster to YouTube, it can be distributed to all viewers with a 100% guarantee that they'll see a complete picture, depending on delay. The URL they tune in to while watching live is the same URL they'll get when the event is finished, if they want to watch the video.

YouTube blows Twitch away tech-wise. It's time for Twitch to step it up. Call on the awesome power of TheGunRun. An answer like "it's cute" may be a funny dodge in an AMA, but if that's Twitch's corporate strategy, they'll be dead in a year.

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For those wondering, gootecks = PogChamp

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Many of my friends and family don't even know about my website or writing.

I'd imagine that's a good thing, no? I thought it was bad when my friends found out my Reddit username last week, and I don't dedicate it towards making fun of paraplegics and drawing pictures of myself with a huge sack.

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The uploader has not made this video available in your country.


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I just want to say, people who think you are a moron and a douche bag make you even funnier. You are like the internet's more entesticled Stephen Colbert, who is at his funniest when people don't understand that it is satire / tongue in cheek to a degree. 'Unfastened Coins' just about made me pee my pants.

The ultimate Maddox story (yes, people tell stories about you) is when I was reading Alphabet of Manliness in high school with a friend of mine. His girlfriend didn't get the jokes. They broke up an hour later. You're one polarizing mother fucker, mother fucker.